Living funerals for teenagers and young adults planned by Georgia Martin
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Spend your end of life the way you want to with a living funeral celebration of your life.
Information and Costs
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What do living funerals costs?


Each special goodbye is a tailor-made event for every individual and family involved. There is no prescribed format and generally speaking there are no rules and no fee. Georgia will plan, arrange and supervise your beautiful goodbye to meet your needs and wishes exactly. Whether your occasion is a small and intimate gathering, a large spectacular event or an accompanied trip to a special place close to home or anywhere in the world.


The cost of your bespoke beautiful goodbye will depend entirely on what you want to include. Georgia gives her time free of charge and the prices of each element of your event will be researched and discussed with you before going ahead. If you have any questions, or just want to chat to Georgia to find out what can be arranged for your special occasion please contact her by email or call her on 0778 0815555



A note about crowdfunding


Georgia Martin provides a very special opportunity to create a beautiful goodbye celebration.

A number of Georgia's clients have told her that members of their family and close friends have asked if they can be involved or contribute. She has often mentioned crowdfunding which is the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a larger number of people, usually via the Internet. You might want to consider this and Georgia can point in the direction of online fund-raising sites which have a good reputation, for example Just Giving




Georgia is available for interviews to discuss her business and experiences as an organiser of Living Funerals and Life Celebration events. She is particularly interested in Women's interest, Retirement, Health and Wellness publications.

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Contact Georgia
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Georgia is pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to talk, in absolute confidence, about their ideas and thoughts about a pre-death celebration. In the first instance she is able to give you general advice about venues, planning timescales, fees and your needs, circumstances and wishes.


There is no commitment to go ahead, just an opportunity to find out what your choices can be. Georgia is happy to talk to your family too, providing reassurance that the service she provides is entirely appropriate for the person who wishes to celebrate their own unique life.


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Thank you Georgia for your brilliant idea to plan a fund-raising party for Cancer Research. I think it will help everyone to come to terms with my terminal cancer. I know it is so hard for them all to watch me get weaker. The waiting is hard for them. It's really helped ME to make sense of my life.


July 2018


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