Living funerals and parties planned by Georgia Martin
Celebrate your life with your loved ones
and say goodbye in your own special way
Living funerals planned by Georgia Martin
Celebrate your life whatever age you are
and say goodbye in your own special way
A living funeral is a celebration of your life.
Celebrate your life with your dearest friends
and say goodbye in your own special way
Georgia Martin

A Beautiful Goodbye


Having a conversation about planning your own funeral is not an easy subject for most people.

For those who have been given a terminal prognosis that conversation is going to be especially difficult.

People will react in different ways; shock, disbelief, sadness, grief and even anger.

For the person who has to live with a terminal diagnosis other people's feelings can become a burden at a time when they are coming to terms with the inevitable.


As the terminal diagnosis begins to become a reality 'life after death' plans are often considered - either by the person who is going to die, or their family and close friends.

Poor health often overrides the opportunity for a terminally ill person to make any plans for themselves, but not always.

For those who have some well-time ahead a wonderful opportunity to say goodbye to special loved ones presents itself.


Planning a living funeral to say your own special goodbye can bring comfort to everyone.

It may be that you would like to visit a special place and invite your guests to join you there. You might want to have a picnic in the countryside, or a formal dinner party in a favourite restaurant. You might like to hire a special venue - perhaps somewhere new where there are no memories at all. The choice is yours.


Your living funeral


Georgia Martin provides a very special opportunity to create a beautiful goodbye celebration.

Think of it as a chance to attend your own funeral - but without the sadness of everyone gazing at a flower-laden coffin and hearing the words, the poetry and the music that mean so much to you and your loved ones.


With a living funeral Georgia can provide the opportunity for you to thank the people you love for their role in your life's journey - to express your fondness for them and they for you.


You can celebrate them and they can celebrate you.



Georgia Martin
Georgia Martin
All our close and extended family want to thank you for the beautiful garden party you organised for Marcia. You brought light and joy in to my mother's heart at this sensitive time. We know that she was so happy to be reunited with everyone she loved - especially those who came all the way from New Zealand! Your idea about the book dedications was inspired and we will all treasure Marcia's hand written messages tucked inside each gift of a book from her library. Thank you

Steve, Frankie and family

May 2018, Gloucestershire


eorgia's experience, empathy and organisational skills make her the person you would want to choose to plan your goodbye celebration. She is a wife, a mother, a daughter and knows what it means to say goodbye to a loved one.


She began A Beautiful Goodbye by planning a 'living funeral' for someone she knew who wanted to have the opportunity to express her love and gratitude to those she was about to leave behind. It was a brave undertaking, but one that she felt honoured to accept. The options were discussed and plans for a goodbye lunch party were made. Invitations were sent out and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The event was an outdoor lunch party in a beautiful garden with spectacular views. There was music, delicious food, speeches, more music and much laughter.


The success of the event was measured a hundred-fold by the pleasure and joy it brought to the lady whose life was coming to a close. The guests found it brought them a special opportunity to express their love and share their individual memories with one-another.


When the time of passing came and the traditional funeral took place a few days later there was a feeling of peace and bonding amongst those who had shared the special day together with their friend.


Georgia is able to organise celebrations and living funerals anywhere that suits you best. If you're thinking about planning a living funeral or a celebration of your life please get in touch with her to find out how she can help.


Words can't fully express my gratitude to you Georgia. I never thought I would visit my family in Rome after my terminal diagnosis and you made it happen. All the travel arrangements you organised went without a hitch and my son was so pleased to have the chance to meet you at the airport. Having you fly with me and then handing me over to my family for the weekend made everything possible. Thank you for arranging the door-to-door taxis, the flights, the wheelchair at the airport, the special seat with extra leg room and so many other special little touches. I feel I've made a new friend.

Mrs A. Fairgreaves-Wilson

April 2018, Wiltshire


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